[countdown date=”03/22/2016″ format=”yowD” expirytext=”Govt. Center, you’re late!]


On Saturday, March 22 the Government Center “T” (subway for you non-Bostonians) station officially closed for two years. The purpose of the project is to make much needed improvements to the stations accessibility, and to make other overdue upgrades to the old station. The full story from the MBTA can be found at the Government Center Station Closure page at MBTA.com here.

However, during the construction project, accessibility by public transportation to the immediate Government Center area including Boston City Hall will be limited. For those people with a limited ability to travel from the previous and next stations on the line, Park Street Station & Haymarket Station, the only option will be a shuttle bus.

That is why for the next two years, this page will count down the time to the expected reopening of the new and improved Government Center Station. Hopefully, I will be able to do my small part to keep the work on track.