• Two hour flight delay. Finally moving to take off. #
  • Sitting in the airport. Scheduled for 5:35. Actual boarding set for 6:20. Relistening to The Last Lecture by Randy Pouch. #
  • If you dont hav family there RT @danshier: DO NOT PHONE JAPAN Please keep lines open for emergencies Use Twtr or Skype PLEASE RETWEET #japan #
  • If you're just getting the news, 8.9 earthquake triggers Tsunami in Japan. Effects being felt far and wide. Be safe everyone. #
  • Glendon: I earned this achievement: The Gloves Are Off! http://yfrog.com/nk20110307190714fj #RiftFeed #
  • Glendon: Testing tweeting from inside Rift MMO. Will turn off if it gets spammy. #Rift #

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