• Listening to @riftpodcast from episode 1 on today. This is a great community #podcast for a great game. Good job ladies! #
  • Transferred all my domain names from that other registrar to hover.com Glad domain maintenance & registration wont take 20 clicks anymore #
  • Just made it into the RIFT MMO @riftgame day 1. Wasnt going to but glad I did. Now looking to find a community on the Threesprings shard. #
  • I've made plans for Anime Boston http://planca.st/RLu #
  • RT @maddiegrant: SocialFishing: Write a poem to win a grant for your nonprofit http://bit.ly/hTkG61 #
  • 5 Reasons to Upgrade To A New Macbook Pro http://t.co/eg1QomT via @bostinnovation Does a laptop upgrade make sense for you? #
  • LemonStand App Anniversary Giveaway http://t.co/ZTpV4y0 #

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