• Pledged a small donation to this project on Kickstarter – Lasersaur: Open Source Laser Cutter: http://kck.st/9xZZZr #
  • Just sent a request to join NTEN, the Non-Profit Technology Network. NTEN is an org for IT people who work in the non-profit sector. #
  • Business idea: Technology consulting geared specifically for social service agencies. Few people with skills to beat me to the idea. #
  • Non-Profit concept: NEW computers for low income families. Buy parts and run classes where kids build their own computer. #
  • Trying to hammer the details for two business ideas, one non-profit, and one for profit. #
  • A note on renting in a big city – if you like the place and plan to be around for awhile, ask for a longer lease. 24 months can be a deal. #
  • Was finally able to get a wheelchair eval scheduled after 3 months. I had to call my doctor back in Florida to have her write a script. #

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